Hertfordshire Trophies

The highest placed Hertfordshire player in each tournament section is awarded a Trophy which is held for one year.

The Glynne Jones Trophy is awarded to the Junior (U18) who achieves the best performance in any of the four tournaments and is eligible through any of the four counties (Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk).

Hakansson Cup

Hakansson Cup - Open

2016: IM Richard JD Tozer (Royston)
2015: Svetlana Sucikova (Hertford)
2014: David Coleman (Royston)
2013: Venkat Tiruchirapalli (Watford)
2012: Simon Knott (Hertford)

Berry Cup

Berry Cup - Challengers

2016: Gary Thurston (Bishops Stortford)
2015: William Young (Bishops Stortford)
2014: Ethan Sanitt (Haberdashers)
2013: Stephen Pride (Royston)
2012: Svetlana Sucikova (Hertford)

Davis Cup

Davis Cup - Major

2016: Mike Price (Stevenage)
2015: Martin Clode (Welwyn Hatfield Chess Forum)
2014: Simon Cage (Royston)
2013: Marinel Miu (Watford)
2012: Patrick Fitzgerald (Stevenage)
Lee Johnson Cup

Lee-Johnson Cup - Minor

2016: Alex Lever (Watford)
2015: Mohammud Jaufarally (St Albans)
2014: Mervyn Podmore (Berkhampsted)
2013: Francois Swiegers (Welwyn Hatfield Chess Forum)
2012: Duncan Marshall (Hertford)

Glynne Jones Cup

Glynne Jones Cup - Best Junior(U18)

2016: Yousuf bin-Suhayl (Norfolk) in the Challengers
2015: Svetlana Sucikova (Hertford) in the Open
2014: Dhruv Radhakrishnan (Kingshott School) in the Minor.
2013: Tristian See (Cambridge City) in the Minor.
2012: Svetlana Sucikova (Hertford) in the Challengers.