63rd Hertfordshire Chess Association Congress

Updated: 20th November 2014

Feedback Questionaire

Many thanks to the players who took advantage of the feedback questionaire to comment on the latest Hertfordshire Congress held on 8th & 9th November 2014. So far, we have had 38 responses and continue to welcome further thoughts.

Overall, players seemed satisfied with the Venue, playing conditions and facilities, such as analysis area, cafeteria and bookshop. Our actions to tackle various concerns raised by players last year have been largely successful and appreciated.

The introduction of net curtains to the windows greatly reduced the glare from the sun when it was low in the sky, particularly on Sunday afternoon. Closing the partition to separate the playing area from cafe and the Control Desk finally resolved the noise problem. There was lighting in the Car Park in the evening and the internal lift was available to those who needed it. Moving the Control desk provided more space for players to relax and enjoy the cafe.

This year's concerns include:
  • Playing Area - With more players in the Open than ever before the room was slightly too crowded. We will keep the Open in the Mimram Room but allocate an 'overflow area' in the main playing hall.
  • Time Controls - It is most likely that we will adopt Fischer time increments to replace the Quick Play Finish.
  • Display of Results and Pairings - Some missed the traditional wall charts showing the progressive score of all players in each section. They are labour intensive to maintain but we will try and bring them back next year. Generally, we need to do a little better displaying results, and next-round pairing. You want us to get these up quicker.
  • Website - You would like us to get the results and prize winners uploaded quicker.
  • Prizes - You said speed up the prize giving ceremony!
  • Brochure (Entry form) - A number of players said this was not on display at other congresses. We will address this.
  • Cafe - This again proved very popular with good value food and friendly service. Will ask the caterers if it can open longer on Sunday.
Finally, a few things that we tweaked that were not commented on. We changed the grading limits of the tournaments, the Minor moved from u120 to u110 for example, in an attempt to distribute players evenly. We will review this before the next congress. We abandoned the game database this year. We like the idea but do not have the resources to enter all the games. We will try to produce a pgn file of the Open though.

Thanks for your continuing support. Hope to see you next year.

Kidge, Alan, Michael and Tim - the Congress Team
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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